Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness

Just a short drive southeast of the Orchards at Kolob, you'll find a mountain range that's begging to be explored. Surrounded by nothing but the empty plains of Utah, Pine Valley stands tall—offering a fun, secluded day trip for guests who love the great outdoors.

You'll want to make the most of your excursion to Pine Valley, so here we've covered all of the best attractions and activities to keep you busy throughout your day. Let's take a look!

Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness

You're on a mountain—it should go without saying that Pine Valley is going to have excellent hiking trails—-roughly 150 miles of trail, in fact. This isn't the best place to hike if you're a first-time trailblazer, as most of them are fairly difficult. Make sure to bring emergency equipment, plenty of water, snacks, and cover—especially if you're hiking during the summertime.

Mount Baldy Trail

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Distance: 11.4 miles
  • Dogs: Yes, on leash

Don't want to drive all the way into Pine Valley, but still want a taste of it? Mount Baldy Trail starts in New Harmony, UT, which is only an 8-minute drive from our RV Resort. As such, it might be the #1 way to experience Pine Valley. The hike itself is challenging yet rewarding. It's a highly exposed trail at the very beginning and end, but there's plenty of foliage midway through (which might be the ideal stopping point for some.

Whipple Trail

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Distance: 10.6 miles
  • Dogs: Yes, on leash

Perhaps the easiest trail in Pine Valley, Whipple Trail is still quite long, but excellent for a summer hike through the forest. It's a good balance between uphill and downhill, and has quite a few switchbacks. Past hikers recommend bringing hiking poles for extra support. 

Signal Peak Trail

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Distance: 12.9 miles
  • Dogs: No

Signal Peak is probably the most fun and scenic hike of them all. Gorgeous views can be found at every stage of the hike, not just when you reach the peak. If you just want a short round trip hike, start the Signal Peak Trail and hike the first couple of miles. You'll come to an overlook of the valley that is perfect for pictures, and then you can turn around back to the start of your trek.

Forsyth Trail

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Distance: 10.9 miles
  • Dogs: No

Another route to Signal Peak. It's a fun trail for experienced hikers, but there are a few struggle points for everyone. It's one of the shadiest hikes, which may be a major selling point for your travel group. The whole trail can be done in winter or summer, so adjust your clothing accordingly.

Pine Valley Reservoir

Whether you're exhausted after a full day of mountain exploring, or you just wanted to have a chill day in the Utah wilderness, the Pine Valley Reservoir is an ideal place to hang out. It's isolated, rests in the middle of the mountain range, and has a ton of bird watching opportunities, fishing spots, and walking trails. Perfect for dozing and relaxing amid all the more involved things to do here.


Pine Valley is an isolated oasis in the desert state of Utah, as such, the fishing variety isn't as huge as some places, but there's still enough kinds of fish to make the experience worthwhile. If you're not a fan of lake fishing, you can also try creek fishing in the Santa Clara River (with its various segments).

Here's a list of fish that you will be able to catch at Pine Valley:
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Brown Trout
  • Lake Trout
  • Steelhead

Before you visit Pine Valley, make sure you have the right fishing license.


Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness is often considered a great place for deer, elk, and fowl hunting. While certain mammals do not require any sort of permit, most of the popular ones do. If you're a Utah resident, you can get a season pass to hunt instate for a reasonable price. If you're a nonresident you may have to pay more, but it's still worth the investment if you plan on visiting often.

Buy the right fishing or hunting license through Utah's official government website.
We hope that you find a way to adore the Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness. It's a beautiful place that warrants a trip if you have the time. If you are looking for fun things to do near The Orchards at Kolob, take a look at our things to do page.